Russell Simmons Net Worth: Russell Simmons is an American record leader and business person who has a total assets of $340 million. Simmons is most popular for his association in the music business. He helped to establish the unbelievable record name Def Jam Records and filled in as the CEO for Rush Communications, Inc.

Albeit this business person’s profession has been without a doubt effective, his life has likewise been defaced by debate. Serious claims of sexual wrongdoing and, surprisingly, rape have tormented his public standing lately. Thus, he ventured down from his jobs inside his many organizations.

Notwithstanding music, Russell Simmons has created significant pay through a scope of unique dress lines. Simmons is additionally an energetic author and has added to different notable distributions. He has deep-seated sees on subjects like basic entitlements and governmental issues.

Early Life

Russell Simmons was brought into the world in the Queens ward of New York on October fourth of 1957. He was brought up in Maryland by his dad, a government funded school executive, and his mom, a parks overseer. Simmons has expressed that during his childhood, drug use was far reaching in his area. He became engaged with the criminal way of life that encompassed the medication exchange since early on and consumed medications himself. In spite of the fact that his dad attempted to urge Russell to find genuine, authentic positions, the kid was more keen on partaking in posse culture. This went on until one of his kindred gangsters was killed.

Russell Simmons concluded that he ought to view school more in a serious way and signed up for the City College of New York in Harlem. While he was concentrating on human science, Russell associated with a few trailblazers of the hip-bounce development, including Kurt Walker and Eddie Cheeba. After hearing the last option perform, Russell realize that he would zero in on making hip-bounce well known all through his life.

Early Career

Russell Simmons associated with Kurt Walker to make a solitary called “Christmas Rappin.” Through keen advancing choices, Russell Simmons figured out how to arrange a record bargain through the name Blow. After the single sold 500,000 duplicates, Simmons exited school to seek after potential open doors in music completely. Simmons’ more youthful sibling, Joseph, was additionally vigorously associated with the sprouting hip-jump development. He and two companions had framed a gathering, and Russell Simmons assisted them with delivering different tracks. He would later assistance the gathering, which would ultimately become known as Run-DMC, arrange a record bargain. After one year, Russell Simmons met a maker named Rick Rubin, who had proactively begun Def Jam Records. Russell Simmons was welcomed on board as an equivalent accomplice, and the two makers assisted a 16-year-old LL Cool J with recording the name’s most memorable delivery. This delivery eventually prompted a conveyance manage Columbia, helping set Def Jam Records up for life.


Despite the fact that LL Cool J assisted Def Jam with making its most memorable strides towards progress, later signings ended up being considerably more productive. The Beastie Boys turned into an overall peculiarity when they delivered Licensed to Ill through Def Jam. After numerous other significant examples of overcoming adversity, Rick Rubin left the mark in 1988. After six years, Rusell Simmons offered half of the mark to Polygram for $33 million. Two years a short time later, Rick Rubin sold his portions in the organization for $120 million to Universal Music Group. In 1999, Simmons offered the rest of Def Jam to Seagram for $130 million. Def Jam keeps on applying mind blowing impact over the hip-bounce class.

Individual Life

Russell Simmons wedded Kimora Lee in 1998. The couple had two little girls together yet separated in 2008.

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